DVB-S2 processor

Purpose multifunctional device (hereinafter referred to as the Processor) developed taking into account the peculiarities of video signal transmission via radio relay link and broadcasting to a satellite. It can work in two DVB-S and DVB-S2 standards.
Functionality remultiplexer for 8 inputs allowing to form the required digital program package from 8 input digital ASI streams and output this packet on a subcarrier;  two additional remultiplexers with ASI outputs;  5 IP outputs and 4 IP inputs (Ethernet 1000) which can be used to monitor flows from the input and output of the Processor as well as to stream the stream to the local network . 
Optionally Scrambling  for a different number of subscribers and mixing EPG and OTA.\n\n Additionally the processor has the following features Work in one of 2 modulation modes and FEC generation in accordance with the recommendations of DVB-S and DVB-S2.
The main features:
  • Select the type of modulation of the output signal QPSK ,8PSK, 16APSK.
  • The choice of symbolic speed from 44000 ksmv / s to 6750 ksmv / sec.
  • Ability to set the frequency of the output signal IF in the range from 100-2400 MHz.
  • Support conditional access system DVCrypt.
  • Option of the electronic program guide (EPG).
  • Setting parameters from a personal computer
  • Communication interface with PC Ethernet 100 T-base. The Ethernet 1000 data.
  • IP output. Supported protocols RTP UDP.
  • Function of disabling staffing by IP output.
  • The ability to remotely update the hardware software.
  • Viewing the parameters on the LCD.
  • The option of coding 1000,3000,10000,100000 subscribers