MVDS ( Multipoint Video Distribution System ) is a broadband microwave TV distribution system operating in the 5-40 GHz range. Taking into consideration propagation conditions, 10,7 – 13,5 Ghz frequency range is deemed as optimal one. Using QPSK modulation it is possible to implement effective solutions for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configurations. The major technical advantage of MVDS technology is a possibility of signal re transmission (up to 3 times from our experience) without regeneration. For example -this is impossible for MMDS using QAM modulation.By using sector antennas it is possible to obtain a radius of coverage area of up to 40-50km (depending on terrain details) when transmitting about 10 digital packages. Also it is reasonable to feed MVDS base station signal into a CATV network (over QPSK – QAM trans modulator).Another advantage of this solution is its cost effectiveness, so it can  be recommended for low budget projects. On a receiving side standard equipment and small size antenna (a reflector diameter of 25-40cm) is used. At the base station it is used a block converter BUC/ amplifier mounted at the antenna (ODU). Combining signals is going on at a L band. The Indoor Output unit output signal is then sent to the Outdoor Unit via coaxial cable.The main advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • Possibility of re transmission
  • Using standard customer sets (antenna + down converter) 
  •  Combining signals at L-band frequency (lack of wave guide path)
  • Cost effectiveness