Now when analogue TV distributing networks provide neither quantity nor quality of programs — forming digital packages of TV programs is an alternative solution. It allows to save frequency resource   and to increase program capacity and quality. Using MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution System) technology it is possible to deliver up 15 carrier (QAM64 modulated) and to cover ranges of up to 30 -50 km. MMDS transmitter signal can be used by either a subscriber or CATV operators. The fact that signals used in CATV network  and in MMDS transmitting system are of the same format considerably simplifies Inter action between them. Thus MMDS signal received by subscriber’s converter can be fed into any   CATV network without processing. At that Conditional access system can be „end-to-end”, in other words signals scrambled by MMDS transmitters remain encrypted when transmitting in CATV network if they have been       received by subscriber’s MMDS converter and have been fed into a CATV network without additional processing. 

Recently, the frequency range of 2500-2700 began to be taken over by GSM operators …. but nevertheless, MMDS technology is  currently actively used in Africa, India , Meddle East.Using MMDS is most effective if you use DOCSIS 3.0 data transfer together and digital television signal QAM 64