DVB-C 4RF processor

8ASI DVB-C 4RF Processor, Еthernet 1000

The 8ASI DVB-C  4RF Processor  is a multifunctional device intended for multichannel digital  TV broadcasting. It provides TS remultiplexing, scrambling, QAM modulating and  Up-converting . The Processor has been designed for use in cable TV network. 

Key features:

  • The processor remultiplexes up to 8 input Transport Streams and forms a group spectrum of up to 4 packages in the DVB-C format with RF output.
  • Standard  SD/ HD DVB-C  receivers  and DVB-C TV-sets can be used as subscriber receivers.
  • IP output can be used  to transport one of the packages via IP network or monitor one of the packages chosen from output or input stream at your PC.
  • The Processor can be used  with analog cable network equipment when both the analog and digital signals are simulcasted.

Оne Processor allows you to organize a small CATV  network for broadcasting about 30-40 programs including a system for monitoring of channels on your PC. The Processor can replace the four remultiplexers, four scramblers, four DVB-C Modulators and  four UP-converters.

The main features:

  • Software update/upgrade ;
  • DVCrypt CAS support up to 1000 subscribers;
  • Connection to PC: Ethernet (100 Mbit /s), RJ45.
  • Quick replacement of the device in the system without stream rescan.
  • Adjustable symbol rate and level of the output RF signal;
  • DVCrypt CAS support up to 1000 subscribers;
  • LCN support, Network Search;
  • MPEG-2, MPEG-4/AVC, HD / SD and 3D support;
  • Automatic and manual PID insertion;