Company «Digital TV » is dynamic developing company. We are working on the telecommunication market since 1998 year and have projects in the Middle East, in Central Africa and CIS countries. Design and manufacture of equipment for MVDS , Cable network and Wireless solutions . Transmission path  analysis and  calculations, path profile creation, coverage area for Wireless Solutions. We used by Exclusive CAS  (Conditional Access System)

                                                                                We designed, modeled, and manufactured the  Omni Horn Parabolic AntennaWe offer MVDS operators for use.  Advantages — uniform        radiation pattern, small size.                           Good technical parameters .….

                                                                                Dtv Solutions is active implementing wireless                                                                                        solutions Broadband in Ku ba In November 2019 we  finished install a new project in Central Africa with 10 carriers, each carrier 80 mb . p . s . coverage zone . 30 km plus we used Repeaters, this allowed us to get three repeat signal without the use of regeneration                                         

                                                                                 In September, DtvSolutions demonstrated the updated 8ASI DVB-S2 processor at    IBC- 2019 in Amsterdam. The device    has been shown in advanced operating     modes. S / R = 44 Msymb / s and operation in modulation mode 16 APSK is shown.   We used        new software,    allowed us to showExcellent performance                        8PSK mode, S / R = 44 Msymb / s. FEC = 5/6                                                                                     Output stream 105 Mbit.p.s.                                
Dtv Solutions has tested a new solution for building a small IP network using our 8ASI processors equipment. An IP TV network was installed in an elite village. With possible extension Services — Triple Play what offers voice, video and data services together